Monday 1 December 2014

King John's Castle, Limerick

I managed to get a few quick photos of King John's Castle in Limerick before it got too dark on Friday evening. I remember standing the same spot years ago with our two sons when they were small and thinking how much times must have changed since the castle was built - castles get me like that! Do you ever just stand there watching cars drive alongside the stone walls, people walking by talking on their mobile phones etc......or is that just me?
Anyhow, I had a lovely day at my demo in Silkes One Stop Craft Shop, Limerick on Saturday and, as usual, was so busy I forgot to take some photos then. Some of the girls from the shop took some so, if they pass them on, I might post some here later.
Thanks very much to everyone who came along on Saturday - it was so good to see you all!

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