Tuesday 4 February 2014

Rosette tutorial

Sometimes it takes longer than others but I usually do get round to adding tutorials when I'm asked to.......;)
This is the rosette which was on a similar card which I made for the Create and Craft release of the Tonic Studios Intrica punches. Enjoy!

1. Take a 30cm x 5.5cm strip of card and your Tonic Studios Intrica Butterfly Strip punch.

2. Punch the whole way along the strip.

3. Score down the centre of each butterfly and in between each butterfly.

4. It should now look like this.

5. Fold mountain and valley style with the butterflies facing upwards.

6. Carefully match and overlap the ends and glue together.

7. Place a large blob of glue from your hot glue gun on the centre of your glass mat.

8. Place the joined and folded strip over the glue.

9. Quickly hold the centre of the strip into the glue until it sets.

10. Add a little more hot glue into the centre to strengthen it and add a button or gem to finish.


  1. so gorgeous ruth.your rosette is fabulous :D

    xx coops xx

  2. These look so effective, just gorgeous, xxx

  3. I am gonna have a go thankyou for the step by step

  4. gonna have a go thanks for the info all your cards are great

  5. This us beautiful Ruth, thanks for sharing....xx


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