Tuesday 4 February 2014

Embossing Papermill card

My blog post for Papermill this month looks at embossing (ie embossing with folders in a machine).
I use the Xcut Xpress for this on a setting of 6 for smaller folders and 6.75 for A4 folders.
I have a selection of  all the beautiful colours of Papermill cardstock and find them great for getting a clear embossed pattern every time.
I keep boxes of scrap card (colour grouped!) so I always have small pieces to work with as well as I tend to add smaller embossed elements to cards and other projects.
There are lots and lots of ways to use embossing folders which I will not be covering here but I may do in another post in the future ie inking your folder, using embossed/debossed card etc but in this post I'm going to show a few simple ideas to get started...

 Believe it or not I keep my embossing folders in their original packaging in clear plastic containers - grouped such as floral, male, symmetrical patterns etc.

 I use folders from various different companies.

Some folders are "frame" types are lend themselves to adding images, greetings or 3D elements                                                                          in the centre.

Because I have made a sympathy card, the embossing does not need too much added to it. This style of card is best kept simple.

Others look well with 3D elements added on top.

                                    It's a good idea to combine folders for a different look..

Another tip is to emboss a piece of card before punching to give more texture to a project.


  1. A lovely card ! Thanks for all the good ideas for use the embossing folders !

  2. Oh, WOW Ruth, such beautiful cards. I am very impressed with you keeping your folders in the original packaging. It's too late for me, mine are long gone. All the cards are beautiful, I'll have to give my folders more of an outing.


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