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The beautiful die set can be used to make fabulous Sweet Carts which can be used as table centres for weddings, parties or as gift boxes. 

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In this blog post I'll be making the sweet cart on the right but you can see how to make the one on the left in my video here

This is the 34 piece die set



You’ll need the following

Scrumptious Sweet Cart Showcase die set

Craft Perfect 300gsm Smooth Bright White Card

Craft Perfect 216gsm Classic Card, Chilli Red, Ballet Pink, Pistachio Green

Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive

Craft Perfect 3mm Chilli Red Ribbon

2 small brads/split pins


Let’s make it

1.  Die cut all of the pieces shown at the top of the instruction sheet in your die set. Score and fold both Sweet Cart Bases as shown. Set one base aside.

2.  Glue along the long glue tab to attach the base together.

3.  Die cut 4 Canopy Posts and trim 2 at the debossed lines. Burnish the score lines and fold in, gluing one long tab on each and creating tubes.

4.  Feed the 2 longer canopy posts through the square tab apertures at the front of the cart until the small score line is level with the bottom of the card. Adhere the glue tabs to the posts.

5. Feed the 2 shorter posts through the remaining top face square tab apertures until they line up with the bottom of the box. Adhere the sides of the posts to the inner box and attach the side glue tabs to the posts.

6.  Match up 2 sets of decorative handle die cuts so that they will fit together back to back. Remove the glue tabs from the back one of each set and glue each pair together as in the top right of the photo. 

7.  Fold and glue the tabs to the cart as shown. Repeat on the other side of the cart.

8.  Die cut the Open Me aperture into one of the side panels.

9. Glue the Open Me panel to the rear of the cart.

10.  Glue the plain panel to the front.

11.  Burnish the score lines on the canopy front and side panels.

12.  Adhere the 2 canopy die cuts together by the glue tabs in the centre. 

13.  Attach the canopy side panels in place and then create 2 panels using both dies shown to decorate the canopy. Glue these in place on each side of the canopy.

14.  Glue the Canopy Front and Side decorative strips in place and add dots of glue into the inside corners of the canopy.

15.  Attach the canopy posts to the dots of glue to hold the canopy in place.

16.  Take the 4 wheel holder die cuts and glue together in pairs. 

17.  Glue the wheel holders in place with the little score lines level with the base of the cart, on both sides. 

18.  Trim away the side panels from the remaining Sweet Cart Base die cuts. Glue these to each side of the cart to cover the wheel holders. 

19.  Take the 10 wheel die cuts and glue 5 together to create one wheel. Repeat. Attach one wheel to each wheel holder with a brad/ split pin.

20.  Use the dies shown to create the decorative side panels and adhere one to each side of the cart.

21.  Fold the little decorative tabs in half and glue to the opening panel as shown. 

22. You can keep this panel closed with a knot/bow of ribbon.

23.  Decorate the cart with die cut bunting and flowers.

24.  Add die cut balloons to the back of the cart.

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