Thursday, 22 October 2020

Elf Door


This is the Elf Door Set comes with all the elements you need to create your own little Christmas scene. As well as the products in the kit I have also used white, green, red and brown paint, 3D snow and white felt.

Elf Door Kit - (Art No. 97432)
This is what you'll find inside the kit.

I also used red, green,white and brown acrylic paint, 3D snow effect and white felt.

1. To make the door, cut the tops and bottoms off 7 lollipop sticks and lay them side by side. I found it made things easier to place if I used some double sided tape on my cutting mat and used a grid to keep things straight.
Make the door frame by attaching 2 lollipop sticks together, for double thickness on all sides, with double sided tape and mark where they will cross over. Cut off the excess with scissors and glue together. 

2. Use the cuttings from the lollipop sticks to make a little heart and glue this to  the door. Paint the door frame white and the door red. Add some 3D snow.

3. Paint the sledges, tree, ladder and ski poles and add 3D snow effect.

4. Use the little patterns provided to cut out the felt clothes. Glue together. I also added some white felt around the edges.

5. Peg some of the clothes to the clothes line.

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