Wednesday 28 February 2018

How to make a ZFold slit card - Dovecraft "Nature's Grace" by Trimcraft

This is a Zfold slit card which I made using the beautiful Dovecraft "Nature's Grace" collection from Trimcraft. All the step by step instructions and measurements are below.

You will need:
Dovecraft A4 Luxury Heavyweight Card
Dovecraft "Nature's Grace" 12 x 12 paper pack
Dovecraft "Nature's Grace" Paper Doily
Dovecraft "Nature's Grace" Accordion Sticker
Dovecraft "Nature's Grace" Puffy Sticker
Dovecraft "Nature's Grace" Mini Wooden Pegs
Dovecraft "Nature's Grace" Adhesive Pearls
Dovecraft "Nature's Grace" Washi Tape
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
Dovecraft 3D foam squares

How to make it:
1. Take an A4 piece of white card, score and fold in half (valley fold) on the long side to create a base card. Then score and fold the front in half (mountain fold) as shown. Measure up 6cm from the bottom of the card and make a 15cm slit which is 7.5cm on each side of the centre fold.

2. Cut pieces of grey patterned paper measuring 7cm x 20.5cm, 7cm x 14.5cm, 7cm x 5.5cm. Then cut another piece measuring 14.5cm x 20.5cm  and measure up 6cm from the bottom left and 7.5cm in from the side - cut this part out. Glue these pieces to the base card.

3. Cut a piece of floral paper measuring 6.5cm x 20cm and glue to the left panel.
Cut a piece of mustard patterned paper measuring 6.5cm x 14cm and glue to the centre top panel.
Cut a piece of bird patterned paper measuring 6.5cm x 5cm and glue below the mustard patterned panel.

4. Add a strip of bird patterned washi tape along the top of the right hand panel and a small strip along the bottom as shown. Glue a doily to the top right. Remove the button from an accordion sticker and glue the sticker to the centre of the doily. Add a bird puffy sticker on top and a grey mini peg at the top. Cut 2 tails of rose patterned ribbon and glue to the doily, below the accordion sticker.

5. Add mini bunting to the front panel of the card as shown, using 3D foam squares. Add pearls on top.


  1. Hello Ruth !

    Like your slot card ๐Ÿ˜Š By the way : I have one question. Which die cut machine do you use ? I know just two : Sizzix and Cricut.
    Pia from Stockholm, Sweden

    1. Thanks very much, Pia. I used the Tangerine by Tonic Studios.

  2. Very interesting with just the pop of surprise.Thank yoy


  4. absolutely beautiful! thanks for sharing the dimensions.

  5. Have just seen this on Pinterest Ruth - lovely card and your instructions are so helpful! Ann (Australia)

  6. Beautiful! Iwonder how you get the background in the squre? When i cut the squre, it become a hole on the back. I´m not so good รคt English but hope you understand what i mean. // Rose-Mari

    1. Thank you Rose-Mari. The finished card does have a "hole" in the back. The pattern you are seeing is the patterned paper on which I took the photo. You could try a z fold card if you don't like the hole.
      You might like this one -
      Ruth :)

  7. Terrific card. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the card, but if you don't mind my asking, where do you write a message in the card?

    1. Thank you. I usually write it on a little matching die cut and attach it to the back of the card. You could also make a little pocket for the die cut on the back of the card.

  9. Just found this on Pinterest. Thank you for this lovely card and the dimensions .... dare I say it????? In centimetres!!!! Great instructions too. Cape Town, South Africa


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