Tuesday 16 May 2017

How to make a wishing well using Folk Art Concrete and Moss Painted Finishes from Plaid Crafts

You'll probably have noticed by now that I love using the Folk Art Concrete and Moss Painted Finishes from Plaid. I have had this idea in the back of my mind for weeks and finally got it made. I hope you like it enough to try it for yourself :)

You will need:
A cylinder shaped container with lid (diam 7.5cm and at least 8cm tall)
Folk Art Chalk Paint  -Castle
Folk Art Concrete Painted Finishes - light and dark
Folk Art Moss Painted Finishes - light and dark
wood effect paper
 Dovecraft Natural Ink Pad
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
Dovecraft 3D foam squares
Dovecraft Premium Dyed Textured Cardstock
Dovecraft dies - Flowers and Leaves (DCDIE066)
Simply Creative Rainbow pearls - 3mm
brown card
hot glue gun

kebab stick/wooden skewer 30cm long
craft knife

1. Start with a long tube container. I've used a Pringles container but "other brands are available!"

 2. Trim the container to 7.5cm tall and paint both the exterior and interior with  "Castle" chalk paint.

 3. Paint "stones" around the container first with the dark Concrete paint and then add highlights with the light painted finish.

 4. Mark a 5cm diameter circle in the centre of the lid and cut out with a craft knife. Paint with the Castle chalk paint.

 5. Paint the lid with a stone effect using the two shades of the Concrete paint.

 6. Cut the skewer in half. Cut a 9cm square of paper and, starting in the corner, roll the paper tightly around the skewer and glue at the end. Make two of these.

 7. Paint both the skewer halves with dark Concrete Painted Finish.

 8. Cut a piece of card measuring 9cm x 12cm and fold in half. Cut 4 pieces of wood effect paper measuring 9cm x 4cm and ink around the edges.Glue the bottom one in place, then add the top one with glue along the top edge but 3D foam squares at the bottom. Repeat on the other side.

 9. Cut a strip of wood effect paper measuring 3cm x 9cm and fold in half along the length. Ink all edges and glue over the top of the roof.. Cut a 7cm x 7cm square of brown card and cut in half daigonally. Score at 1cm on both of the short sides on each piece. Make a cut as shown where the scores intersect and trim off the long edges. Glue the tabs together.

 10. Glue the triangles to the inside of the roof leaving a 5cm gap in between. Using a hot glue gun, glue the "poles" to the inside of the roof, then add a large blob of hot glue to the bottoms of the poles and glue to  the bottom of the wishing well.

11. Add areas of light and dark Moss Painted Finish to the wishing well.

12. Die cut lots of little flowers and leaves using the Dovecraft dies and glue to the well . Add 3mm pearls in the centres of the flowers.


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