Saturday 1 April 2017

Dance stage card - TUTORIAL

I've made this little stage scene card with the beautiful First Edition "Sweet Nothings" papers from Trimcraft along with some of their new dies.

You will need;
Trimcraft First Edition "Sweet Nothings" 6x6 paper pad
Trimcraft First Edition "Sweet Nothings" 8x8 paper pad
Dovecraft Premium A4 white card
Dovecraft Essentials 12 x 12 Colours Paper pack
Dovecraft Premium Acetate
Trimcraft First Edition dies  - Dancing
Trimcraft First Edition dies - Border
Trimcraft First Edition dies - Bunting
Simply Creative ivory pearls -3mm and 6mm
Dovecraft Crafters glue
3D foam squares
double sided tape
die cutting machine

How to make it:

1. Cut an A4 sheet of white card to 28cm length and, using the template above, score and fold where shown.

2. Cut a piece of peach patterned paper measuring 15.25cm x 10.75cm and attach over the opening with double sided tape.

3. Flip the card over, fold the "stage" part outwards and remove the paper from the aperture using a steel ruler and sharp craft knife. Reserve this piece for stage 4. 

4. Cut a piece of wood effect paper measuring 6cm x 11cm and glue to the "stage floor" then fold this piece back and tuck the 1cm folded part into the slit in the back of the card.  Use the piece of paper which you removed in stage 3 and glue it to above the part you have just tucked in.

5. Cut 2 strips of peach paper measuring 2cm x 11cm and one measuring 2cm x 20.5cm.  Cut 2 strips of patterned paper measuring 1.5cm x 10.5cm and 1 measuring  1.5cm x 20cm.

6. Layer and glue to the card as shown.

7. Die cut the ballet pumps, Dance and ballerinas from white card (3 of the wide dresses) and also the Dance from peach paper.

8. Layer the 3 ballerinas together with 3D foam pads.

9. Cut narrow strips of  acetate and glue to the backs of the ballerinas so that there is at least 2.5cm extra on the ends.

10. Make tiny slits in the "stage floor" where you want to position the ballerinas and push the acetate through.

11. Offset the two Dance die cuts and glue to the bottom of the stage. Glue the ballet pumps to the right side. Die cut another larger ballet dancer and glue to the front left. Die cut a border and glue across the top.

12. Die cut the heart bunting in white card and floral paper. 

13. Cut off the floral hearts and glue (with a slight offset) on top of the white hearts. Add to the bottom of the card on 3D foam pads.

14. Add ivory pearls to finish.


  1. Lovely card & fab tutorial. Thank you for taking time to do it for us.

  2. Brilliant card thanks for the tut xx Jam

  3. A stunning card and great tutorial Ruth thanks for sharing.💕

  4. Lovely card and easy to follow tutorial thank you. Have made the stage and ordered the ballet dies. But... Does the card fold flat for posting - I can't see it! Marilyn

  5. Lovely card - have followed the tutorial and made the stage, the dies should be on their way to me. Does it fold flat for posting - I can't see how!

  6. Please can you tell me how the plastic strips are fixed and whether the card dolls flat for postage. Took delivery of dies today and followed the tutorial but the last bit is puzzling me. Thanks for sharing a lovely card.

    1. Hi Marilyn, thanks and sorry for the delay.I have glued the plastic strips to the back of the legs (they reach higher to get a better grip) then simply push them through the slits. When you take out the folded tab from the back slit, the whole thing folds flat for postage. Are you on Facebook? If so, please send me a friend request and I'll try to explain better. I'm having problems with my photo card this morning but I'll try to post close up pics to show you better as soon as I can.

  7. This is just fabulous, my nieces are dancers and work in theaters so am pleased to have this info, thank you for taking the time to post all of this , you are very kind. X C Happy New Year.

  8. Love this card. My granddaughter is a dancer and would love to do this for her receital.. I ordered the dies. Hope I can figure it out I never did anything with CM measurements. Thank you for displaying this card love it

  9. Absolutely beautiful and unique! Thank you for sharing - your directions are so easy to follow. On a scale of 1-10, this card is 10 times 10. :)

  10. Hello Ruth, Thanks for the tutorial. I like Marilyn am a little confused about the folding flat part. Does the stage come out of the back slit completely? Also with the dancers, do you attach the acetate to behind the front 5cm strip? I am finding that the dancers are at an angle on the stage - is that correct? Take care

    1. Hi, the stage slips into the slit in the back but you just bring it out if the slit to fold flat. The acetate below the dancers goes into the slits in the stage and they can stay there while the card is folded. I hope that helps. I think I should make a video and post it on my YouTube channel. Keep an eye out there as I will try to do this when I have time -

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful card. Love it.

  12. Merci pour le tuto, c'est généreux !


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