Monday 6 July 2015

Tall Ships - Belfast July 2015

Taken from the Titanic building on Wednesday evening as the boats were just arriving.

The Tall Ships came to Belfast last week again and it was lovely not only to see them once more but also to see so many people in Belfast enjoying the atmosphere.
The Lagan bridge - from the Queen Elizabeth Bridge

Lagan Weir

Bumped into niece Andrea and great niece Kaya :)


Are they mad?

From the Odyssey

Titanic Centre

Firework display on Saturday evening - taken from Hazelbank


  1. What fab photos, Ruth. I'm sure the atmosphere was fantastic.

  2. Fabulous photos, looks like fun. Love Jane x

  3. Amazing photos, the Titanic centre is on my to do list and it would have been even better with the Tall ships. I visited N Ireland a few years ago and we stayed at place between Port Rush and Port Stewart - such beautiful coastline.
    I've taken your tent card idea and made my mid month PB card - which is live tomorrow, I've given you a shout out!


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