Tuesday 21 July 2015

Change to demo schedule

We had a lovely little break in Cambridge for a few days and just got back home last night. I've got lots of things to clear up now- and lots of boxes to open which were delivered while we were gone :)

But first things first - unfortunately I've had to change my demo schedule and cancel a couple of demos which I was really looking forward to. As some of you know I'm due to have an operation early next week and have been advised to take a little time to rest afterwards. God willing I'll be back in action for my demo at Art and Hobby, Dundrum, Dublin on August 22nd and hope to be able to continue as much as possible after that. I'll keep you posted.

I really want to thank everyone for their prayers, good wishes and cards etc - they mean the world to me just now and make me very happy indeed :)

I'll be working on lots of things from home in the meantime and will share them as I get them finished....but now I'm off to unpack and get the washing done :( 

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  1. Love your fields of cereal Ruth, I grew up in that area. As for cards, love you stripey one.
    Re operations, I'm having one on 19th, so we can convalesce together!


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