Thursday 26 June 2014

Pulp to Paper - A tour round the Papermill

A visit to the Papermill in Burneside, near Kendal is something I have looked forward to for a long time. I'm seriously fascinated by seeing how things are manufactured - especially things which I use on a daily basis.

I took so many photos that I couldn't possibly post them all here but I do hope you enjoy the ones I'm sharing today and that you get a little insight into how much care and attention goes into creating the top quality paper and card which is produced at the Papermill.
Top quality card and paper has been made in the Papermill since 1845.

               Steve ready for the tour of the factory - I'll spare you the sight of David and me with                                                                              goggles and ear plugs!

 The raw materials at the beginning of the process

Paper pulp being mixed in huge vats

The dye is added and mixed - a pale shade today

 The early stages of paper - a very hot and steamy part of the factory

Some of the moisture has been extracted

Going through huge rollers

 Keeping an eye on things!

 A roll of card - these are MASSIVE!

Steve and David

 The rolls of card are cut into smaller sizes on this machine...

...and smaller again on this one.

 Check out my shoes!! That will teach me to turn up for a factory tour wearing sandals ;)

This navy paper/card is being embossed with a pattern on this machine.

 What could I not do with all this?!

 Fascinating automatic forklifts..

..being loaded.

And eventually we got to meet the lovely Julie :)
There's something not right about this photo ...yes, you're right! They gave me an XXL Hi Vis vest to match my lovely shoes ;) !!

For lovers of the beautiful English Lake District - I've added some of the photos which I took of the outside of the mill and the immediate surroundings .

 The school

Finally, a great big thanks to Steve for showing us round the mill and to Julie for making it possible (not forgetting the tea!!).


  1. is it anywhere near the Beatrix potters house

  2. Wow that's amazing, thanks for sharing with us Ruth :)

  3. Fantastic pictures Ruth, thanks for sharing, it's a beautiful place and very interesting how it's all made. xx

  4. Wow fascinating! Thank you for sharing Ruth, I enjoyed my virtual tour! Those fork lifts are scary though! Great opportunity x

  5. A great post again Ruth, so lovely to see all these pics.
    I have driven by this factory so many times on my way into the Lake District.xxxx

  6. I can see why you had such a good time! Fascinating. I'm sure you'll never look at the paper in the same way again after that tour!

  7. Oooh, I haven't been to the Lake District in years, and it's my fav. place in the whole of the UK, what's more my brother lives there now, and I still can't get there. Thank you for all the pics, very kind of you to show so many, I love d them.

  8. wow it looks like you had a great time, about to come a follower to your blog aswell as its lovely x

  9. How lucky are you Ruth and thanks for all the wonderful photos so that we could take the tour also. Must have felt like heaven with all that paper and card stock. Beautiful photos of the country side too.


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