Tuesday 22 April 2014

Using Creative Foam in your projects

Do you ever use Creative Foam on your cards etc? I've been using quite a bit of it lately for all sorts of things and thought I'd share some photos.

It comes in A4 packets and the one I've been using on these projects is the Dovecraft "Reds".
It's quite thin so is perfect for cutting and shaping without leaving thick edges.

For my first card I have taken a hole punch and punched out lots of small circles. Then I glued them to a piece of acetate in a random pattern to create a "dotty stamp". I have layered 2 circles on top of each other for each spot to give a sharp stamp effect. Then I attached the acetate to an acrylic block with masking tape before I covered in ink and stamped a background.

I cut a little heart shaped template from paper and used it to cut 5 petals from foam, then I drew markings with a permanent marker. I pinched the petals together at the base and glued them to a circle of foam with a hot glue gun. To create the centre of the flower I cut a tapered strip of foam, snipped along the length and glued into a spiral. I added some Dovecraft Crystal Glitter Glue to the middle.

I have also given the image a bit of dimension by using a piece of coordinating foam behind the panel as a matt.

For this card I've matted and layered the embossed white card and the Trimcraft Funfair paper onto foam before attaching to the card blank.
To make the flowers I cut two long tapered lengths of  foam and glued into a spiral shape with a hot glue gun before adding a gem in the centre of each. You can vary the width and length of the foam strip to create different sizes of flowers.

This time I used the foam again to create a dimensional matt behind the embossed white card and made a layered bow by cutting 3 strips of foam ( I have used a darker shade for the centre strip).
The bottom strip measures 12cm x 2cm and I cut tails at each end.
The middle strip is 15.5cm x 2cm and the top strip measures 10cm x 2 cm. 
I doubled the top two over so that the ends met in the centre and glued on top of the bottom strip. Then I folded the whole thing in half and cut notches through it all from each side at the middle. I wrapped a thin strip of foam around the middle and glued at the back.
The "Berries" are made with a hole punch and I've added a spot of Sparkle Mod Podge for extra shine.

I hand cut a tag shape from white card and covered it with Trimcraft Funfair 6x6 paper, leaving a gap round the edges. For the flower I cut a 4cm wide strip of foam from the whole length of the A4 sheet. I glued the long edges together with a hot glue gun and snipped into the other (unglued) length being careful to leave the glued edge intact. Then I wound it into a spiral and glued the whole base with hot glue. The "leaves" were made by quilling thin strips of foam and gluing behind the flower.


  1. wow brilliant idea to use foam will have to have a go but if it involves heat best stay away from it am likely to either badly burn myself or the house or even both. lol your makes are gorgeous. Love Alison xx

  2. If you use a heat gun on foam it can be shaped. Love all your flowers

  3. LOVE the foam decorations! I need to investigate where I can get some now.

  4. I have some foam - haven't used it for ages I will have a go now. Love your cards

  5. Lovely, fresh looking cards Ruth. I particularly like the first card. 😉


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