Friday 25 April 2014

Gift box TUTORIAL using Tonic Studios Sentiment die set

I've been making cards and boxes with some of the new Tonic dies and it's time for another tutorial. This time I'm going to show you how I made this little gift box using the Happy Birthday Sentiment set.

You'll need:
A4 white card 
aqua card 

Die cutting machine
Craft knife
Steel ruler
hole punch
Scoring board (or embossing tool and ruler)
Tacky glue

1. Use the outer die to cut 2 squares.

2. Use the next die to cut out the pattern.

3. Do not use the next square die but use the two smallest dies to cut out the pattern and a small square in the centre of both shapes.

4. Take the A4 sheet of white card and trim according to the template above.

5. Score and fold the little flaps at the sides as shown.

6. Score and fold the centre part as shown.

7. Turn the "box" over and add DST along the outside edges of the flaps.

8. Glue the die cuts to the panels.

9. Insert the smallest die into the centre and tape in place (you'll feel it "click" into the correct position) and pass through your die cutting machine..

10. Do the same on the other panel.

11. Add a little square of acetate behind each aperture with DST.

12. To finish, fold the sides of the box up and attach with the DST which you already have in place. Hold the front and back together and punch  a hole in the centre.
Add ribbon through the hole  - and place the gift inside :)


  1. wow fantastic tutorial will have to have a play but will have to use different dies as I don't have many Tonic Studio dies as they are so expensive and usually get them as a birthday or Christmas Treat. Love Alison xx

  2. This looks lovely Ruth, but please what is DST, or am I being really thick. Thanks

    1. Hi Lynne, It's double sided tape. I should not have presumed everyone would know, sorry.

  3. Thank you so much, I was really worried it was something new I had not heard about. Now I can try doing this with no problems

  4. What a wonderful tutorial. I really love it. The die is so fantastic to use in this way. But please Ruth. . .tell me where I can buy it. I live in Sweden.
    Hugs Eva

  5. Hi Eva, this set of dies may not be available there yet but you could check with to see their Tonic Studios stock.
    Hope that helps,Ruth

  6. Great idea and tutorial Ruth!

  7. Thanks Ruth for your answer. I know that firm and I will contact them.
    Hugs Eva


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