Thursday 17 August 2023

Tonic Studios Showcase - Vino Vault #affiliate


Good afternoon :) This is the newest Showcase from Tonic Studios. It's Called Vino Vault as it makes a beautiful gift box for a bottle of wine. Of course it has many more uses than this so I have shown you how to use it in different ways on my video here

You can buy the die set here (affiliate links)

UK –


and you can buy the beautiful Mulberry Wine paper pack here (affiliate links)

                                                  UK –

                                                 USA –

This is the wine bottle gift box and a little place name card

This shows how the the box opens

I also made a pocket card/tag

...and a greeting card
You can add lots of sequins or Crystal Drops to the name card too if you like.

                                                             Thanks so much for looking :)

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