Monday 20 February 2023

Tonic Studios Kit 65 - Floral Gate Creator #affiliate

Sometimes I get a kit/die set and when I look at it, I think it has many possibilities that it's not even possible to include them all in one video. Well, this kit falls into that category! I love the colours and everything else!

You can see my video here

I meant to show you the unboxing and make 2 cards, then take my leave but, as you can see, I had trouble stopping! I made a card, tag, bookmark and box/container but could have gone on...
I hope you enjoy it and I hope it sparks something in your imagination to give you even more ideas too.
You can buy the kit here (affiliate links)

and the only thing I used apart from the contents of the kit was a little white card.
Please don't forget to use the dies creatively with other dies which you may already have and also to use different coloured card :)

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