Monday 25 April 2022

Getting my Favourite Corner of the Garden Ready for Summer

 Over the past few days I've been tidying our little arbour and getting it ready for some summer planting. It's another well loved corner of our garden and we have spent many, many hours over the last years sitting here enjoying the flowers and scents all around us.

You can see my video here

As I explain in the video, this is a very special little corner as I have worked hard to make it as calm and inviting as possible for my husband who has been ill.
We do love a cuppa here :)

Several years ago, David made a little stump table and I turned it into a fairy house a couple of years ago.
You can see how I did that in my video here - 

You can see my previous video of getting the garden ready for Spring/ Summer here

Thanks very much for watching :)

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