Thursday 3 March 2022

Make a Pot of Happiness with Pop Up Tag! (Tonic Studios Showcase) #affiliate


The "Pot of Happiness" Showcase die set contains 32 different dies which you can use to make a 3D flower pot with flowers or a cone with ice cream, both with a mechanism to move a little label up and down inside the pot.
I'm showing you how to make a flower pot with flowers here but you can see how I made  the ice cream cone and also how I die cut it slightly differently in my video here

To make this you will need (with affiliate links)

Pot of Happiness die set

Craft Perfect Smooth White Card
Craft Perfect Miami Mint Speciality Card
Craft Perfect Classic Card, Buttermilk Yellow, Spearmint Green
Nuvo Glitter Drops, Honey Gold
Craft Perfect Hi Tack Tape

Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive

This is the large die set containing 32 different dies!

1. Die cut the large pot size die together with the patterned die from white card. Die cut the smaller pot die from green card.

2. Die cut a white tabbed pocket with a slot by positioning the slot die as shown.

3. Glue the green die cut behind the white patterned die cut. Fold the tabs on the pocket backwards and add hi tack tape to the outer tabs.

4. Die cut the long folding tab and one of the dies with the slits.
Add narrow hi tack tape to the narrowest areas and feed through the slits in the other die cut. 

5. Attach the narrow areas with the hi tack tape to form a tab.

6. Die cut a pop up and use the same die along with a sentiment die to create a green pop up. Glue the green die cut on top of the white one.

7. Glue the base of the pop up stick to the front slider plate and slider bar.

8. Push the mechanism tabs through the slot in the pocket.

9. Attach the pocket to the back of the pot die cuts.

10. Die cut the base and sides of the pot and add hi tack tape to the tabs.

11. Attach the base and sides to the front of the pot.

12. Die cut this tab with slits again.

13. Push the tabs from the slider mechanism through the slits of the small tab, fold over each other and glue in place.

14. Die cut the small tab shape, score and fold, then add hi tack tape and adhere the 2 centre pieces together to create a tab.

15. Fold around the back of the tab (from pic 13) and glue to secure.

16. Die cut the large pot from white card, placing the positioning slot die in the centre to create the large slot.

17. Push the slider mechanism through the back panel and adhere to the back of the pot.

18. Die cut a large green pot, also with a slot and glue to the back of the pot. 
NB make sure to only add glue around the outside of this die cut so that the slider mechanism can move freely!

19. Die cut large yellow flowers, green stems, medium green flowers, small white flowers. Emboss/ shape the flowers and assemble. Glue inside the pot and add Honey Gold Glitter Drops to the centres of the flowers.

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  1. Between your video and this pictorial, I think I get it. I appreciate your step-by-step instructions.


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