Tuesday 1 February 2022

Make a Valentine's Paper Bouquet (plus extra single rose) #affiliate

It's almost that time of year again and who doesn't love to get a bouquet of red roses?

I've used the flower shapes from the Watering Can & Flowers Digital File to cut out the petals and leaves for both of these but I have rolled green card to make the stems. Craft Perfect A4 card is perfect for this :)

To make these you will need; 

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Watering Can and Flowers Digital File

(digital cutting machine)

Craft Perfect A4 card, Chilli Red, Avocado Green and Jet Black

Quilling Tool

 Craft Perfect Crafter's Ribbon, Red Polka Dot 16mm

Craft Perfect Crafter's Ribbon, Chilli Red 3mm
Crystal Drops, Morning Dew
Double Sided Tape

Small Heart die (Cookies and Milk Stamp Club)

Embossing Tool/Stylus
Bone Folder
(Glue Gun)

To make the bouquet

1. Position the red card on the cutting machine mat. Link to computer.

2. Select the round petal shaped flower and, keeping at the original size, duplicate and cut each part out 6 times.

 3. Shape all the flowers with an embossing tool. 

 4. Glue the layers on top of each other to make 6 layered flowers.

5. Cut 6 strips of green card measuring 5cm x 16cm.

 6. Curl the card with an embossing tool several times in different directions to break down the fibres and make the card more pliable.

7. Twist the card diagonally around a skewer or knitting needle to create a stem. Make 6 stems. 

8. Glue the end in place.

9. Bend over 1.5cm at the top of each stem and add glue.

10. Glue this tab to the back of the flower. Repeat 6 times.

11. Cut 6 strips of red card measuring 0.5cm x 12cm and roll up with the quilling tool. Glue the ends to secure then glue into the centres of the flowers.

12. Cut a 19cm square of black card. Stretch the fibres slightly on the bottom half with a bone folder.

13. Roll into a cone shape and secure the side with double sided tape.

14.  Glue the flowers into the cone with the hot glue gun. Add a Polka Dot bow and 2 red die cut hearts.

15. Add Morning Dew Crystal Drops to the flowers and leave to dry.

To make the single Rose

1. Select the petal shape shown and cut out 12 times, Shape with an embossing tool.
Roll 2 petals with the quilling tool and glue together.

2. Add glue to the base of 2 more petals and glue around the first 2.

3. Cut a 0.5cm strip of red card and add double sided tape along it.

4. Attach the rest of the petals in a row leaving a little gap at the bottom.

5. Roll this with the quilling tool and secure tightly at the end. Snip off the bottom of the first little bud petals to fit inside the rolled petals.

6. Make a stem as before and glue into the base of the rose bud.
Cut out several green leaves with the same petal file and shape slightly with an embossing tool.

7. Glue 4 around the rode bud as shown and add 2 more on the stem.

8. Add a heart die cut to the stem with red ribbon.

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  1. Ruth love this idea. I love making flowers with my scan n cut. Have now got a cricut and am yet to be brave and try it out. When I finish my craft room sort out I'll have to try it


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