Thursday 11 February 2021

Tonic Studios Designer's Choice No. 16 - Vibrant Votive Holder tutorial and video (affiliate)


Designer's Choice no.16 from Tonic (Vibrant Votive Holder) is available to buy now!
🛒USA - (affiliate links)
These dies can be used to make a few different sizes of holders, a gift tag pocket and cards.
They are limited stock so please be sure to check out if you are interested.

These are the dies in the set.

How to make the 4 sided votive holder
1. Die cut 2 of the die shapes shown. You will need to cut the plain outline first and ten insert the pattern die and cut again.

2. Use the smaller outline die to cut out 2 pieces of speciality paper.

3. Die cut 2 squares and one handle.

4. Glue the speciality paper panels onto the copper panels.

5. Glue to to square as shown.

6. Glue the other tab onto the square.
Repeat with the 2nd side and glue the sides together.
7. Bend the handle with a bone folder.

8. Glue the handle to the sides of the box.

9. Glue the other square inside the box to cover the tabs at the bottom.

Some other ideas with the die set.

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  1. Lovely designs Ruth. I especiallylove the colours and design of the card.☺️


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