Monday 9 September 2019

Using Pebeo Vitrea 160 with Transparent Cerne Relief

I saw this inexpensive jar in a local shop and thought it would be perfect for some glass painting.
Initially I outlined a freehand flower with Gold Cerne Relief and painted it but wasn't happy with it because I had set the jar upright too soon and the paint ran a little. It would only have taken a short time to dry properly but I learnt two things!....1). a little patience goes a long way! and 2). It peeled off perfectly and I now have it on my craft room window!

However, I then decided to use the Transparent Cerne Relief and just loved the finished effect.
I drew the flowers freehand with the Relief, then used a small amount of Vivid Pink and Light Green Vitrea 160 on a cocktail stick to fill in the petals and leaves.

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