Saturday 10 August 2019

Gold Bee Canvas - Mirror Effect Leaves on Mixtion Relief (Pebeo)

 Something bright on a very dull day!
 I've added another video to my YouTube channel. It shows how I made this little canvas using Pébéo Fantasy Moon and Prisme colours with Vitrail and then added some Mixtion Relief with Gold Mirror Effect Leaves on top. Now I can't stop moving it around to catch the light 

This is what you'll need - 

Yellow Vitrail
Apricot Fantasy Moon
Eggshell White & Buttercup Fantasy Prisme
Vitrail Glitter Medium
Gedeo Mixtion Relief
Gedeo Gold Mirror Effect Leaves
(which are all Pebeo products)
and a 7" x 5" canvas board.

 1. Mix the little pots of paint thoroughly before using them. Then make a pattern by dropping small amounts from each bottle onto the canvas with a mixing stick and letting them merge together to create the pattern.

2. Set aside to dry before drawing a pattern on top with the Gedeo Mixtion Relief.

 3. Set aside again until the Mixtion Relief is dry.

 4.Then place the gold leaves on top - gold side facing upwards and rub over the pattern with your finger.

5. Remove the "foil" to reveal the magic!

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