Saturday 19 January 2019

Tonic Studios Craft Kit 18 inspiration - Slider Card Tutorial

 Craft Kit 18 from Tonic Studios will soon be on its way to subscribers so here's a little tutorial for making a slider card with some of the things you'll find inside.

The only things I have used which are not included in the kit are the 2 little butterfly dies. They are from the Mariposa die set (1943e)

How to make it:

 1. This is the template for the card on an A4 sheet of cardstock. Simply use these measurements on whatever card you choose for your base.

 2. Fold the card in the middle as shown.

 3. Cut and folded on the card from the kit.

 4. Place the narrow patterned strip die 1cm from the bottom of the glitter card and place the top patterned die 0.5cm above it. Secure well with masking tape and pass through your die cutting machine.

 5. Remove the 2 used dies and add the outline die at the top. Cut out with your die cutting machine.

 6. Trim down the sides and glue to the folded part in the centre of the card as shown.

 7. Turn the card upside down and add a strip of hi tack tape along the 1cm folded part at in the centre as shown. Cut/ punch a semi circle from the centre at the top.

 8. Cut a piece of Lilac Waves card measuring 18cm x 12cm, turn it face down and attach to the hi tack tape so that it is centred and the top is level with the top of the card.

9. It should look like this from the right side .

 10. Cut a piece of Caribbean Tide paper to fit across the bottom half of the card and attach with double sided tape. Add 2 strips of double sided tape, one at either side on the top half of the card.

 11. Fold the card over to seal the double sided tape.

 12. Add detail to the glitter card die cut with the Dream Drops, Jewel Drops and Crystal Drops.

 13. Stamp the For Someone Special onto Lilac Waves card, add the Ocean Sparkle Embossing powder, heat with a heat tool until set and attach to a piece of glitter card.

 14. Add a row of 3D foam squares along the top of the embossed sentiment on the reverse side.

 15. Attach to the 1cm folded strip in the centre of the card.

 16. Cut a 19cm x 12.5cm rectangle of  Lilac Waves card and remove the centre leaving a 1cm frame. Use the pinhole die to create a pattern at the top and bottom. Glue this to the card around the aperture.

 17. Punch/ die cut a semicircle of glitter card and glue behind the semicircle which was removed earlier. This will be used to pull out the slider card.

 18. Die cut 2 butterflies from the Mariposa set. Glue to the card and add Dream Drops.

 I hope you have fun making this!

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