Monday 26 March 2018

Home from hospital

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us in so many ways over the past few weeks.David had his operation three weeks ago today and became very ill two days later. The next two weeks are a bit of a blur now but he was finally allowed home from hospital on Thursday evening. He's very, very weak but glad to be back in his own environment again. Some of you have been in touch to see if he's fit for a visit and while we really appreciate your kindness, he is not well enough, sleeping a lot and is also a very private person and has asked me to thank everyone but he needs time to adjust and just be with the boys and myself. 
Thanks very much for all your prayers and good wishes.Please continue to keep David in your prayers.
I am very grateful to everyone I work with for being so understanding. There have been lots of craft deliveries over the last three weeks which I'm hoping to start checking out today. I hope to get a chance soon to post some of the things I had already made and intended to share.

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