Wednesday 26 July 2017

Annalong, Co. Down

 It was such a beautiful day on Monday that we decided to have a trip to the Mournes. On our way I remembered that I'd seen a photo of a quaint little cafe on a friend's Facebook page and we had a look for it. The good news is that it was easy to find - the bad new is that it was closed on a Monday :( (and also on Wednesdays, just in case you go looking for it too!)
Anyhow, the view from the cafe is spectacular, especially on a sunny day.

 We drove down towards the sea when I suddenly spotted this view and jumped out for a photo. I thought it made Annalong look quite Mediterranean :)

 After spending part of the day in Kilkeel we came back to eat fish and chips from the Galley in Annalong. We took them to the little harbour and enjoyed the view from there.
The tide was out and there was a big heron doing some fishing. I tried to get photos of it but it stayed in one spot juts long enough for me to line it up and then flew off again :(

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