Tuesday 24 May 2016

Using yesterday's stash

I grabbed some photos of some things which I was trying out yesterday with my new Plaid stash. I'll obviously be adding more detail etc and finishing each of them but I thought I'd show you what I've tried so far.
The photos above is of a perfume bottle which I painted with Plaid Pink Sheer Paint and then added 3 coats of Plaid Extreme Glitter. The photo doesn't even come close to capturing the real glittery effect :). It's like a fairy princess bottle for a little girl!

 I found some black and white papers in my cupboard..

 ...and the Sheer Paint used over the top gives it a beautiful tint.

The sheen off the Sheer Paint is amazing :)

 I had a crystal glass which had got chipped at the rim so I decided to drip three different colours of Sheer Paint inside, swirl them around and leave to dry. It gave a lovely marbled effect - unfortunately it's a little difficult to capture the sheer effect in a photo.

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