Thursday 22 January 2015

Mod Melts and Mod Molds - from Mod Podge

I've been trying out some of the super Mod Melts and Mod Molds from Mod Podge and trying various ways of adding colour to them in addition to the obvious acrylic paint.

These are the some Melts and Molds. The Melts are available in Milk Glass White and Beach Glass Clear.

A selection of moulds (Mod Molds)

How I used them...
1. I selected the Eiffel Tower mould from the Travel set and melted a Milk Glass White Melt in a glue gun and filled the mould.

2. If there is any excess glue around the edges when you remove the object from the mould it is very easily removed with a small pair of sharp scissors.

3. I used Dimensional Fabric paint by Plaid ( this is obviously not its intended use - but it works!).
I added a few drops of Black shiny and Silver Glitter to a plastic paint tray and used a small brush to apply.

4. After two thin coats of Black Shiny. This takes very little time as it dries very quickly.

5. The one on the left has had one coat of Black Shiny, followed by a coat of Silver Glitter. The one on the right has had two coats of Black Shiny and a coat of Silver Glitter.

6. I used the finished Eiffel Tower to embellish a little tag.

7. I used and ink pad to colour the little birds in the centre and Gilding Wax (Lefranc and Bourgeois) to add colour to the border on the right.

8. I used alcohol ink to colour this heart.


  1. They came out beautiful Ruth. I just love Paris so I love the Eiffel Tower one. The others came out great too.


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