Monday 27 October 2014

Colouring faces with Promarkers

There are many different combinations of Promarkers that can be used to colour faces. Here are some of my favourites.I've added a step by step tutorial with one of the combinations but the basic idea is the same for all  - start with the lightest shade, add deeper shades and then blend them together with the first colour you used ie the lightest shade again.

 Almond, Sunkised Pink, Baby Pink Face
1. Stamp the image and colour the face with Almond Promarker.
2. Add shading with the Sunkissed Pink.

3. Colour the cheeks with Baby Pink

4. Now go over the whole face again in small circular motions with the Almond Promarker.

5. Add Baby Pink to the lips and do not blend again.


  1. This is excellent Ruth, I find colouring skin difficult so your tutorial is very welcome, Kate x

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. This is really helpful, especially showing which Promarkers you've used. x


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