Friday 10 January 2014

A4 Swing card tutorial

It took a while  - but I've got it done! This is the tutorial for the "A4" swing card shown above.

1. I started with an A4 piece of card and cut 1cm off  the short side to make it 20cm high and ,measured in from the sides to the points indicated. The dashed lines are score lines.

2. I used the Tonic Studios Boudoir Square die set for the centre part.

3. Tape the inner die in the centre of the card using the guides marked on the top photo.

4. Die cut the entire inner die.

5. Now remove the inner die and tape the outer die directly on top.

6. Transfer the centre score line guides to the back of the card.

7. Lay the card with the die facing upwards on your cutting machine and then lay the cutting plate just up to the guideline on the back of the card.
Turn the card round and cut the opposite side - leaving the centre part intact.
8. This will give you the shape above.

9. Now fold  the other marked lines into a valley fold to get the shape above.

You are now ready to decorate in whatever way you like.

Here's a photo of the card when it's closed, measuring 18cm x 20cm so it fits neatly inside an 8x8 envelope.


  1. Ooooh, Ruth, I love this one - thanks for the pics and explanation, I think I'd have struggled to get it cut out in the middle. Very Pretty!

  2. Another brilliant card & clear steps, thanks Ruth!

  3. Very pretty card Ruth and the tutorial is fantastic. Love Alison xxx

  4. Brilliant, thanks for taking the time to show us this......Linda

  5. Brilliant tutorial and gorgeous card
    Carol x

  6. Ruth its beautiful and the tutorial is excellent. thanks for the updated photo. (im so blonde)

  7. Thanks so much Ruth, I have added this to my bookmarks can't wait to give it a try.

  8. Lovely card and super tutorial Ruth, thank you. I'm going to have a play with this today. The papermill card seems a real bargain too. Thanks for sharing everything - Jennifer C

  9. What machine did you use to make this card. Because Tonic usually say you can use any machine with there dies. I have a Big Shot and I have tried to work it out and I don't think it can be used. Is there a way a Big Shot can be used?

    1. Hi Clare, I used the Xcut Xpress. You can certainly cut any Tonic die (to date) with the Cuttlebug or Big Shot etc but you need an A4 machine to make this type of card with a 14cm squarish die. You can use this technique on a 15cm square card with some of the other dies eg Delicate Lattice because the die doesn't come right out to the edges so has some support when it's folded. Hope that helps.

  10. Great step by step I managed to do it thankyou it is a lovely card

  11. Hi Ruth, this is a truly beautiful card and your instructions are very clear and so easy to follow, thanks for taking the time to show us how the professionals do it lol xxxx

  12. I do not have any of the tonic dies but I really want to try this style out. Beautiful card.

  13. Fabulous Ruth! Love the papers.
    Linda xxx

  14. love the card and tut ,thanks..x

  15. Love your card design...the center is so beautiful . Have pinned it with link back to your tutorial
    Dr Sonia

  16. Another superb card Ruth. Thank you for the clear, precise tutorial. It has given me some ideas for Christmas cards that I was struggling with. Many thanks again...Peter (DC amanalone) XX


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