Monday 7 October 2013

Lough Neagh

It's only a few miles down the road but I haven't been for ages - until Saturday. It was such a lovely Autumn day that we thought we'd take my mum for a drive to Lough Neagh. She wasn't able to get out of the car but seemed to really enjoy just sitting at the edge of Lough Neagh watching the jet skis and then the swans and ducks round at the slipway.

David and I had a lovely walk along the edge of the Lough  - just amazing to see how many "caravanners" were still parked up and enjoying the spell of good weather. The outdoor gym trail was being put to good use too ;)

I could have watched these ducks all afternoon - the sun was glinting off their heads and the colours were fantastic. I left the swans well enough alone after I saw a couple of them getting angry - they can run fast when they want to!!

Reinforcements have arrived!


  1. Beautiful photo's Ruth the scenery looks fantastic, loving the cute ducks. Love Alison xxx

  2. What wonderful photos...thanks for sharing, I love seeing areas of the world where other bloggers live.


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