Saturday 30 March 2013

Some cards in Crafts Beautiful May issue...and a rare day off:)

Today I had a rare day off and really enjoyed it...David brought my breakfast to bed (as usual - I am spoilt!!) and then I had a lovely lie in. Well, that was really because I worked so late last night I just couldn't face getting up. Anyhow, I had a browse through the May issue of Crafts Beautiful magazine which is just out. This month I have 2 different sets of cards in there....Lily of the Valley cards and some featuring umbrellas and boots.
One phonecall later and we were on our way to Hillmount Nurseries to have lunch with Rhonda and have a look in at a demo by Cliona Larkin.
Anyone who knows me will know what a sucker I am for rabbits so when I saw a pic of Easter bunnies at Hillmount I was over there like a shot. 
Here they are...along with the other visiting animals.

These were all inside but just in case you thought all our snow had melted I took one of a visitor in the carpark!!


  1. Your Lily of the valley cards are stunning! They are such a cute and yet detailed flower, I love them. Yes I can see why you like the rabbits, I'm not so sure about your last photo though! x

  2. Beautiful cards and gorgeous photos too, Ruth. It is good to hear you have had a day of relaxation. Congratulations on being in print again and Happy Easter x

  3. Lovely to see your cards in print - they are beautiful.I had tea and toast in bed this morning, helps the creative juices I think ;-)


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