Saturday 29 May 2010

Wedding Photos

I don't have a card quite finished yet as things have been rather hectic in our house lately, but I DO have some photos of my neice's wedding 2 weeks ago if you'd like a peek. I thought it was time,too to show my face as I'm not really a Passion flower (my avatar) I am!

David and I

with my friend, Ruth

Bride and Groom (Andrea and Andrew)

Neice and Nephew..Andrea and Jonny

Andrea with our son,David

Younger son, Andrew



  1. Beautiful photos of everyone. Glad to see it was a lovely day, Sheila:)X

  2. Wow, fabulous photos Ruth, the wedding looks lovely and that cake is amazing! Thanks for sharing and have a nice Bank Holiday Weekend! :) Love, Georgia xx

  3. Beautiful photographs. Nice to see you in all your finery. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Elaine

  4. Such wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. So great to see you, love the outfit. Also love all the hats that everyone is wearing....not something that is done here unless they get done up for the horseraces. :-)

  5. Hi Ruth, Beautiful photographs. The bride looks stunning. I love her dress. The colour scheme was gorgeous.

    Lisa x

  6. aw wow fantastic piccys ruth.its great to see you and you all look so wonderful.your niece is gorgeous and what a stunning dress.all the bridesmaids look fab and your sons are really handsome young men.looks like it was a beautiful day.thanks for sharing.luv

  7. fabulous pics,nice to put a face to the name,x

  8. Oh what gorgeous photos Ruth and how nice to put a face to the name. How cute do the little ones look. Eileen xx

  9. Wow Ruth lovely to SEE you at last..not that I mind the passion your GORGEOUS outfit fab bold colours the B/maids all look stunning & colourful..& of course your very handsome men...can see where you get the inspiration for the arum lilly..the flowers all look amazing thanks for sharing your photos.

    Hugs Christine xxx

  10. Wow totally stunning photos, what a wonderful day that must have been and you all looked gorgeous, lol

  11. What great photos and the colours are gorgeous.

  12. Fab photos Ruth. Love your outfit. The cake and flowers look really special - I'm noticing these because my daughter is getting married in October and we're sorting that part out right now. :)

    Thanks for the link - lovely to put a face to a name.

    Edna x


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