Monday, 15 April 2019

Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

 We got a lovely surprise on Friday when a friend invited us to go to Hillsborough Castle and Gardens on Saturday to see around the gardens and have a guided tour of the newly refurbished Castle ahead of the official opening next weekend. 
Obviously I took loads of photos (with the usual disclaimer that they are far from professional) because I enjoyed it so much that I really wanted to show you how amazing it all looks and hope that lots of you will want to pay it a visit!
Thanks so much Fred and Davy for the invitation and the tickets! 

 David and Jenny

 Prince Charles and Camilla were here last week.

 I'm chuckling as I look at this photo as you can see David and Jenny walking down the path behind a Land Rover. David senior is in the Land Rover getting a lift as it was too far for him to walk but he was waving out like royalty as he passed!

 The Ice House

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